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Handmade Elegance

Our Mission..
To provide boutique style and quality to handmade bath and body creations that are as nourishing to the skin as they are beautiful to the eye.

Meet Robin

Photo of Robin, the creator and owner of Robin's Bath & Boutique

Hi.  My name is Robin and I am the owner and creator of Robin’s Bath & Boutique.  Unlike most soapers, I actually started my journey with lotions and balms.  It was one of those stumble upon something moments, where I discovered that people make a living from making bath and body products.  The idea blossomed and while watching a crafter on YouTube making bath bombs, I thought… that looks like fun.  I wonder if I can do that? 


From there, my journey moved to lip balms, hand balms, and then to lotions and serums.  I enjoyed learning about different ingredients, what they do and why.  If Chemistry had been taught like this when I was back in school, I may very well have gone down that path.


Like all things I do, in the beginning, I just spent my time researching and learning and watching.  I took the plunge July of 2018 and made my first batch of lotion.  It was magic in the making and love at first emulsion.  As I continued crafting, I spent my time learning about pH and skin.  I learned why it’s mandatory to use preservatives in some products and not others.  I learned what a preservative was, the different kinds, and what really is rather than what might be touted as such.


As I crafted, I stumbled upon soap making.  At first, I wasn’t entirely sure about it.  But there I discovered a different side of creating.  With soap making, I got to meld chemistry with artistry with the added benefit of creating something that soothes my family’s various skin issues. 


My crafting journey has been amazing so far.  Join me in discovery of things handmade.



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