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Shipping & Returns



We use USPS to ship our parcels.  The rates are calculated by a USPS calculator based on the type of package and service you use, as well as shipping to and from addresses - meaning the rates are tailored to each order.


In addition to USPS rates, any package with the value of $100.01 will require additional insurance and signature confirmation. You may waive this fee and ask for this to be refunded to you. However, you must accept full responsibility if something happens to the package.  We will not refund or replace your purchase should you choose to waive this service.

You also have the option to request a signature delivery to your location regardless of the amount of the order.  The cost of signature delivery service will be charged to your account.


Please be aware, if the tracking on your package shows it was delivered and you have not received it, a claim cannot be filed with the USPS.  As a result, we will not be able to refund or replace your purchase.

FPO/APO: We are happy to ship packages to our service members and their families overseas.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We are currently not shipping to international customers as an option in our current shipping model.  However, we will work with you on a case by case basis.  It is difficult to predict the cost of shipping to international locations regarding weight and content restrictions.  In addition, in most countries outside the United States, it is difficult and or impossible to track an order once it is beyond the boundaries of the US.  Therefore, if loss or damage occurs, no refunds or replacements will be given. 


In addition, Robin's Bath and Boutique, LLC is not responsible for additional fees and or VATs charged to you.

Please note, we will do what we can to resolve unforseen circumstances and work on your behalf with the USPS but we will not be responsible for any package shown to be delivered yet not received.

CANCELLATION, Return & refund Policy


Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been shipped.

We reserve the right to cancel any unshipped order.

NO RETURNS.  Soap and bath and body products are considered personal use products.  Even unopened, we choose not to resell the product since it has been out of our supervision. 

PRODUCT REFUNDS:  will be determined on an individual basis. 


No refunds will be given based on scent.   While we do our best to describe scents per the manufacturer descriptions, scent is still a very personal experience.  What smells amazing to one person may be displeasing to another. In addition to scent, please be aware that other factors outside our control may impact your experience with a product.  In addition to the fact that people have different skin types, water differences (eg. hardness or softness) may also impact a soap's performance/experience.

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