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Magnesium Infused Body Sprays

Magnesium is one of the few minerals that is easily absorbed topically (transdermally) when applied to the skin.  


It is a salt mineral that has been ancedotally linked to helping with sleep, muscle soreness and stress reduction.  


We offer our magnesium in a spray that is 50/50.  At this concentration, it is possible that skin application might feel a little tingly or itchy, similar to the feeling of beach salt water drying on your skin.  


Best applied to freshly clean skin.  Spray area that is in need of attention and rub into skin.  May cause stinging after shaving.  Avoid mucous membranes and any irritated or abraded skin.


Recommended ways to use this spray:

For aid in sleep, try spraying and massaging into soles of feet.

Sore muscles from working out, spray and rub into affected muscles.

Tension headache, try spraying at the base of neck and shoulder area.


2 oz cobalt glass bottle with spray nozzle


Spearmint & Eucalyptus

Magnesium Infused Body Sprays


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